August 16-19, 2022
Sert√£ozinho | SP

Media Partners of Fenasucro & Agrocana

The 28th edition of the main bioenergy fair, Fenasucro & Agrocana, brings out Reed Exhibitions worldwide expertise in energy events. With this, it will gather representatives of mills from all over the country, in addition to professionals from the biofuels, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and transport and logistics industries. All in an environment conducive to networking, continuing professional updating and new business.

Fenasucro & Agrocana also relies on the partnership of associations, organizations and media channels to promote technical content about the sugar-energy sector, alcohol, biodiesel, natural gas and much more, with relevance for users. Follow the Portal of the bioenergy fair and the partners of this edition, and stay on top of news in the sector:

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